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Transgender Passengers

To ensure that transgender travellers are treated respectfully throughout the screening process an increased emphasis is being placed on the training of screening staff. In order for the body scanner's automatic threat recognition technology to work properly, the screening officer is required to select the gender of the person being scanned. Screening officers will make this selection based on the person's outward appearance.

Travellers who require additional screening, such as a frisk search, following a body scan will be offered a private room and the screening will be conducted by a screening officer of the same sex. Transgender passengers may inform the screening officer if they are more comfortable with a female or male screening officer conducting the frisk search.


As part of the consultation process for the implementation of body scanners, the department ran two privacy roundtable discussions in September 2010 and September 2011. Additionally, a dedicated privacy stakeholder briefing and demonstration of the body scanner was conducted during the body scanner trial at Sydney Airport in 2011. The Gender Centre and Organisation Intersex International actively participated in the consultation process and have since been working with airports on the development of standard operating procedures for the screening of transgender passengers.

Further information can be found at privacy consultation.


Last Updated: 25 February, 2013