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Prohibited Items — exceptions

The prohibited items restrictions are in place to ensure your security while travelling within Australia. However, the following items may be taken onboard at the discretion of the security screening officers at the airport.

  • Matches, lighters and lighter fluid. Please note that lighters in the shape of a gun, grenade or other weapon will be not be permitted through the screening point.
  • A fork if the tines have square or round ends; and the handle has a round end and is not detachable.
  • Plastic cutlery knives.
  • Safety razors.
  • A pair of blunt ended or round ended scissors with blades less than 6 cm long.
  • Walking sticks, crutches and other mobility aids.
  • A hypodermic needle if the person carrying it shows proof that it is medically necessary for their own use or for another person in their care.

If your domestic flight is departing from an international terminal, there are also restrictions on the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels that can be packed in your carry-on bags.

Each airline operates under its own Conditions of Carriage, which may indicate what you cannot take onboard or pack in your checked baggage. You should check with you airline if you are unsure whether you can take a particular item onboard.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority also has a list of dangerous goods that are not permitted onboard an aircraft.


Last Updated: 16 March, 2016