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Restrictions flying from Australia

  • Duty free liquid, aerosol and gel items purchased at an off-airport retailer can continue to be placed in checked baggage or undergo security screening at one of Australia's eight international gateway airports (Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) to determine if the items are cleared to be carried on your flight.
  • International passengers can also purchase duty free liquid, aerosol and gel products in quantities greater than 100 millilitres after they have passed through the screening point at Australian international airports.

Travellers departing Australia on an international flight have a choice where they can purchase their duty free liquid, aerosol and gel items. These items may be purchased after you pass through a screening point at an international airport or from an off-airport duty free retailer.

Travellers who have purchased duty free liquid, aerosol or gel items off-airport are recommended to pack them into their checked baggage, and have the docket ready for inspection once through the screening point. Alternatively, travellers can present the items at a gateway airport screening point to undergo security screening. If the screening process clears the items, you will be able to take them on your flight. If the screening process does not clear the items, you will be asked to surrender them.

While not a complete list, some examples of liquid, aerosol and gel items that are commonly purchased at duty free stores include:

  • alcohol, including spirits, wine and beer;
  • perfumes;
  • cosmetic and toiletry items including moisturisers, lipsticks, lip balms, and liquid-solid make-up.

For information on restrictions for flights inbound to Australia visit the inbound page.

For information on inbound transit requirements visit the inbound transit requirement page.

Departure Liquids, Aerosols and Gels Flyer

The following flyer outlines the liquid, aerosol and gel requirements for passengers who will be passing through the international departure screening point of Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney Airports.

liquids, aerosols and gels brochure


Last Updated: 23 July, 2014