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Information in other languages

The following information is available in these languages:

Screening process for international flights:

Arabic PDF: 142 KB
Cantonese PDF: 196 KB
Japanese PDF: 127 KB
Spanish PDF: 91 KB

Prohibited items:

Arabic PDF: 108 KB
Cantonese PDF: 137 KB
Japanese PDF: 114 KB
Spanish PDF: 81 KB

Travelling with children:

Arabic PDF: 141 KB
Cantonese PDF: 154 KB
Japanese PDF: 107 KB
Spanish PDF: 83 KB

Travelling with medicines:

Arabic PDF: 128 KB
Cantonese PDF: 193 KB
Japanese PDF: 129 KB
Spanish PDF: 87 KB

Body Scanners in Australia—Frequently Asked Questions:

Arabic PDF: 550 KB
Cantonese PDF: 759 KB
Russian PDF: 495 KB
Spanish PDF: 482 KB
Malay PDF: 487 KB
Mandarin PDF: 688 KB
Indonesian PDF: 488 KB
Thai PDF: 548 KB
Japanese PDF: 889 KB
Korean PDF: 804 KB
Vietnamese PDF: 476 KB


Last Updated: 23 July, 2014