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Security screening process

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Security screening process
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It is important that everyone is security screened before entering the secure area of an Australian airport terminal and boarding a flight. This includes passengers, people accompanying passengers to the boarding gate, aircrew and airport workers.

Before you arrive at the airport, prepare yourself for screening by knowing what you can and cannot take on board, and understand the screening process outlined below.

  1. Place all personal items, wallets or purses in your carry-on baggage.

  2. Place your bag of liquid, aerosol and gel items in the tray (departing international terminal only).

  3. Place metallic (keys, coins) and electronic (laptops, mobile phones) items in the tray.

  4. Remove bulky outer wear clothing (e.g. coats, jacket), hats and jewellery, and place them in the tray.

  5. Place your carry-on baggage onto the conveyor belt.

  6. Inform screening officers if you have any medical devices, aids or implants before being screened.

  7. Go through the walkthrough metal detector. If travelling internationally, you may be randomly selected for a body scanner.

  8. You may be asked to go through the security screening process again until you are cleared if an issue is identified. This may include other screening methods (hand-held metal detector, frisk search).

  9. You may also be randomly selected for explosive trace detection testing after proceeding through the initial screening process.

Your rights at the screening point

When you enter a screening point, you are agreeing to each screening procedure. If a frisk search is required, you will be asked to consent to this process.

You have the right to refuse any screening process. However, if you refuse you will not be permitted to go through the security screening point and will not be able to board your flight.

Airport security in other countries

Aviation security can differ at Australian airports and in other countries. If you are unsure of the rules, check with your airline or the country you are visiting before you travel.